About Us

Advance Bio Material Company P.Ltd is a innovator and dedicated to developing high performace Bio Plastics. Our passion is delivering functional polymers and its prducts to our customers that perform in their own markets and meet product performace criteria at reasonable cost as well as delivering great bio-credentials.

We serve a global customer base with design and technical support. Our India operation is having offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Banglore and Delhi covering India's Major industrial part. Our business is backed by nearly 20 years experience developing materials in this sector. Our high-calibre team members have a wealth of polymer experience and pride themselves on both a fundamental understanding of how our materials perform both technically and in our customers' markets.

Research and Development

Our company is based on developing solutions for our customer using Bio plastics. Some of products developed by our scientist are under patent registration. So our research team continuously work on developing better products meeting customer requirements. We also work closely with many institues and companies for developing such new products and improving existing products.

  • Testing Laboratory
  • machineries
  • factory

Our research team has phenomenal depth of experience coupled with an excitement for new ideas. Their focus is delivering products that are commercially successful for our customers - thereby ensuring our own success.

Our scientific approach ensures that new materials are designed from the molecule upwards resulting in polymers that perform as expected.

We have an extensive range of lab facilities that allow us to both test material performance and to run pilot manufacturing tests on prototype candidates.

Backed by an extensive patent base and industry know-how we deliver unique market changing opportunities for our customers often working with them in collaborative projects.