Bio compostable Raw Material

Bio compostable Raw  Material


Our Bio compostable material are derived from natural renewable resources and are optimized for performance .Bio compostable material faces major challenge in terms of comparative performance against conventional plastics and cost .We are working continuously to meet these challenges by developing cost competitive and high performance bio Plastics.

Our materials are confirming to EN 13432 and ISO 17088:2008

Color: Natural or White

100% biodegradable and compostable, within 180 days can be fully decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and minerals, good to the crop and no toxicity and no harm to farmland.

We have raw material for various applications like carry bags , Garbage bags and Blown film.


Product Code Application Data Sheet
ADFLEX-FT1 Blowing Films,Bags Download
ADFLEX-FT2 Blowing Films Download
ADFLEX-FT3 Blowing Films,Blow moulding,Cast Film Download

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