We are committed to provide all necessary support to our customer , starting from selcting right product, its conversion ,storage , performance on further packaging, usage, technical ,legal and composting requirements.

We have robust competencies in the following areas:

We have access to facilities to allow prototyping of the following processes:

Our commercial/technical team work with brand owners and their converters to bring their sustainable ideas to life. Our bioplastics the best for use on conventional processing equipment but we encourage our customers to work with our support team on their first production run

Bio Compostable Laminates

Bio Compostable Laminates


Laminates are packaging material developed where only one substrate can not meet all product packaging requirements.

We can develop laminating structure as per product requirements,by combining properties of different substrate which can meet product packaging requirements.

Biodegradable barrier packaging is big challange.We have developed various structures using paper,High barrier specility coatings,Metalization etc.

All laminates developed by us are bio degradable and compostable.