Because of following reasons and despite the ban on plastic bags of less than 50 micron through Maharashtra Plastic Carry Bags (Manufacture and Usage) Rules, 2006, there is increase in the non-biodegradable plastic garbage waste causing damage to environment and health Maharashtra government has authorised regulations for manufacture, usage, sale, storage, transport of the products made from plastic & thermocol etc. which generates non-biodegradable waste.

This may be called the Maharashtra Plastic and Thermocol Products (Manufacture, Usage, Sale, Transport, Handling and Storage) Notification,2018.Please download full notification in English from below link

Reasons for authorising these regulations

Concerns about usage and disposal of plastic are diverse and include accumulation of waste in landfills, water bodies and in natural habitats, physical problems for wild animals resulting from ingestion or entanglement in plastic, the
leaching of chemicals from plastic products and the potential for plastics to transfer chemicals to wildlife and humans are increasing.

Because of non-biodegradable plastic waste handling of municipal solid waste becomes difficult and incurs more financial burden and also due to burning such waste in open environment causes various diseases in humans and animals.

It is observed that non-biodegradable garbage is responsible for clogging drains and nallas causing flood in urban settlement leading to loss of lives and damage to properties and infrastructure.

Plastic waste and micro plastic cause danger to marine and freshwater bio-diversity and also hamper ecosystem services due to spreading of such waste in and around ecosystems, on tourists places, beaches and on agriculture and forest areas.

Non-biodegradable plastic waste and micro plastic are having negative impacts on fish diversity and fisheries activity.

Non-biodegradable waste is posing problems in effective implementation of Clean India Mission.