We believe in innovation, even if the innovation exists in forms of challenges. This is the approach, which has led us in development of highest quality of biodegradable plastics. We meet the industry standards, at the same time setting new standards for the industry. Throughout the years we have been able to transform ourselves into one of the leading suppliers of Bioplastics. Bioplastic has become the trendsetter for the plastic industry, owing to its higher level of sustainability.

We believe in a sustainable environment, that helps in developing a sustainable future for our next generations. That is why we believe in developing products that are environment friendly. Bioplastics are emerging as one of the alternate options to the polymer that are derived from the fossil resources. We develop Bioplastics from some of the renewable biomass sources. For the production of Bioplastic, we use wide range of plant-based raw materials. We make sure that only renewable resources are used for development of Bioplastic. Renewable resources are environment friendly.

In comparison to the conventional polymer, getting raw materials for Bioplastic is quite challenging in terms of comparative performance and cost. We also ensure, that we follow the set standards for Bioplastics. Our products are produced confirming the international standards, EN 13432 and ISO 17088:2008. As per EN 13432:2000, we ensure that the raw materials used for Bioplastic can be completely disintegrated, biodegradable and compostable within 180 days. Within this period the material should be decomposed into carbon dioxide, minerals and water, that can be used for agricultural purposes without any form of toxicity. EN 13432:200 also ensures that composting of the materials doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment, and the materials should have only low levels of heavy material. Similarly, the labeling of the raw materials for Bioplastic production is done per the standards of ISO 17088:2008. Our, Research and Development center is made up of some of the best resources in this field. They focus on innovations, and it is their innovative approach which has made us one of the leading producers of quality biodegradable plastics. Our R&D team keeps on working on the latest as well as emerging technologies, so that these technologies could be adopted to production processes.

Keeping in mind the usage of the biodegradable polymers, we produce different variants bioplastic. We product the certified variant of compostable polymer. This variant of polymer is elastic. It is tear as well as water resistant, thus assuring highest quality. Moreover, this is suitable for food contact which makes it perfectly suitable for food packaging. This could be a perfect substitute for conventional plastics for food packaging, since conventional plastics are not considered as a healthy option for food packaging. Compostable polymers are wieldable and printable. Hence, this could be moulded easily into any shape, with proper labeling.

Applications: This raw material can be used for various applications like carry bags, Garbage bags,food packaging and Blown films.

ADFLEX-FT1Blown Films, Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Roll on Bags, Garbage BagsDownload
ADFLEX-FT2Blown Films, Carry Bags, Shopping Bags, Roll on Bags, Garbage BagsDownload
ADFLEX-FT3Clear Film and Sheet, Multilayer Film,High Strength Film, Blown Films,Carry Bags, Shopping Bags,Grocery BagsDownload
ADFLEX-FT4Multilayer Film, To get more Clarity and Stiffness, For making BlendDownload
ADFLEX-FT5Spoons, Forks, Knives, StirrersDownload
ADFLEX-FT6Glasses, Cups, Trays, PlatesDownload
ADFLEX-FT-CMB(Colour MasterBatch)Can be used for blown film, Injection molding, Thermoforming , Colours available-White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red/Pink etc. 
ADFLEX FT-F( (Filler MasterBatch)Can be used for blending,Blown films, Carry bags, Shoppings bags, Roll on bags, Garbage bags 
ADFLEX-FT-CPBlending/Compounding/Blowing filmDownload
ADFLEX-FT Home CompostCarry Bags, Shopping Bags,Roll on Bags, Garbage BagsDownload