What's the difference between compostable and biodegradable?

Biodegradable means the products can be decomposed in a microbial environment after being disposed of. But not necessarily 100% degradation.

Compostable means 100% of biodegradable.

The products are compostable and can finally become fertilizer to the soil and good for plants.

Does any harmful substances left behind ,when compostable plastic biodegrade?

ISO 17088 also includes tests on ecotoxicity and heavy metal contents to ensure that no harmful substances are left behind.

What are bioplastics?

The term “Bioplastic” represents a plastic substance that is based (wholly or in part) on organic biomass rather than petroleum.

What does bio-based plastic mean?

That basically means a substance was derived from plant-based material, whether wholly or in part. Starch and cellulose are two of the most common renewable feedstocks used to create Bioplastics; these typically come from corn and sugarcane.

What does biodegradable plastic mean?

a process by which microbes break down material if conditions are suitable.For practical purposes, only those that degrade within a relatively short period of time (weeks to months, usually) are considered biodegradable.

  • Not all bio-based plastics are biodegradable; Bioplastics that don’t degrade within a few months or years are sometimes called “durable.” Conversely, there are petroleum-based plastics that will degrade faster under optimal conditions than will their organic biomass counterparts.

What applications make use of Bioplastics?

Bioplastics have been used in a variety of consumer products, such as food containers, grocery bags, biodegradable utensils, and food packaging. Bioplastics can also be used for engineering grade applications, such as electrical and electronic housings and enclosures.

What are the benefits of Bioplastics?

Many Bioplastics are compostable, leaving no harmful effect like plastic pollution but making usable compost, which makes soil fertile.

Bioplastic industry has a smaller energy footprint and a less polluted ecosystem. – .

Bioplastics are also gaining popularity because they don’t contain bisphenol A (BPA)

Depending on the particular material, the manufacturing process for some Bioplastics results in lower greenhouse gases than petroleum-based plastics.

What does Advance Bio Material do?

For almost a decade Advance Bio Material has been working for development of Bioplastics and its newer applications. We produce material and products that are used by a number of customers to make products that are fully biodegradable and can replace many plastics made with petrochemicals.

What products does Advance Bio Material offer?

Our product applications include Bioplastic resin, compounds, films, high barrier films and bags .Our products find its application not only in blown film and bag making but also in extrusion coating, extrusion lamination, injection molding, and thermoforming. We have developed material and applications using PBAT, PLA, PHA, PBS and TPS as base material and much application uses nano modifications and high barrier coating.

What services does Advance Bio Material provide?

  • Product processing guidance
  • Machine selection and modification guidance
  • Product development services
  • Customization of formulation based on product requirements .
  • Turnkey Project solutions.
  • Legal compliances , certifications and registrations.

If I throw a product made from Advance Bio Material resin in the trash, will it biodegrade in a landfill?

Compostable plastic will react in landfills like other organic waste such as food. Our all materials are fully compostable in a composting facility. In addition, some of our grades are home compostable and do not require even industrial composting.

What type of processing equipment is required to make plastic products from Advance Bio Material Bioplastics resins?

Same processing equipment , which are being used for conventional plastics, are okay to process our material , but for best performance need to change processing parameters, for that Advance Bio Material company provides a complete processing guide. Also for better results in processing certain considerations regarding machines are there , which can be discussed on a case to case basis.

How is quality maintained and assured?

Every grade is designed after keeping in mind specific application and processing. Before regularizing any grades, minimum 10 customers evaluate the same, and if it is successful then it is commercialized and once commercialized, there will be 100% identical quality all the time. For any changes a new grade is developed.

Are Advance Bio Material - resins recyclable and how to recycle?

Yes, with proper care and without mixing with conventional plastics, it can be recycled the same way as conventional plastics,. Recycling process parameters need to be changed.

What are the certifications does Advance Bio Material company have?

  1. CIPET testing as per ISO 17088:2012
  2. CPCB registration
  3. Vincottee , austria, certification as per EN 13432 and ISO 17088
  4. Food grade certificate , with all 4 type migration test.

What is the lead time for finished products like bags and films?

For finished products, general lead time is 7 -14 days.

Is Bioplastic raw material available in ready stock?

So far as Bioplastic raw material is concerned, most of the time it is available in ready stock, and we try to do same day delivery if order is received in time.

From where Bioplastic raw material will be dispatched?

We have 3 warehouses at present: 1. Mumbai 2. Chennai 3. Delhi

Depending on the location of the customer, material will be dispatched from the nearest warehouse.

What is so special about Advance Bio Material products?


We think in the entire world, we may be the only and only company to give such guarantee.