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BioPlastic Raw Material

biodegradable raw material

We have raw material for various applications like carry bags,Garbage bags ,Blown film,Blow mounding and Injection Molding.

Oriented BioPlastic Films

Biodegradable Films

We have Bioplastic film suited for almost all application spectrum from printing to Lamination.

Bioplastic High barrier films

High barrier biodegradable film

We have developed High Barrier Biodegradable Lamination Film.

Bag making of tube (Film) made from ADFLEX bioplastic manufactured by Advance Bio Material P. LTD.

We ensure that the raw materials used for Bioplastic can be completely disintegrated, biodegradable and compostable within 180 days. Within this period the material should be decomposed into carbon dioxide, minerals and water, that can be used for agricultural purposes without any form of toxicity. EN 13432:200 also ensures that composting of the materials doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment, and the materials should have only low levels of heavy material.

Keeping in mind the usage of the biodegradable polymers, we produce different variants bioplastic. We product the certified variant of compostable polymer. This variant of polymer is elastic. It is tear as well as water resistant, thus assuring highest quality. Moreover, this is suitable for food contact which makes it perfectly suitable for food packaging. This could be a perfect substitute for conventional plastics for food packaging, since conventional plastics are not considered as a healthy option for food packaging. Compostable polymers are wieldable and printable. Hence, this could be moulded easily into any shape, with proper labeling.

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Bioplastics (also called organic plastics) are a form of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable oil, corn starch, pea starch or microbiota , rather than fossil fuel plastics which are derived from petroleum.It’s simple. If we can make everyday products that have less impact on the environment, then everyone benefits. That’s what we at Advance Bio Material P. Ltd. have done. Traditional plastics & fibers are all made up of oil. We produce biopolymer, which is made from plants.

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R & D

Our research team has phenomenal depth of experience coupled with an excitement for new ideas. Their focus is delivering products that are commercially successful for our customers – thereby ensuring our own success.

Our company is based on developing solutions for our customer using Bioplastic. Some of products developed by our scientist are under patent registration. So our research team continuously work on developing better products meeting customer requirements.

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We serve a global customer base with design and technical support. Our India operation is having offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Banglore and Delhi covering India’s Major industrial part. Our business is backed by nearly 20 years experience developing materials in this sector. Our highly calibrated team members have a wealth of polymer experience and pride themselves on fundamental understanding of how our materials perform technically and in our customer’s market.

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